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In this day and age, everyone is working to a little greener and more environmentally-friendly. Not just people, but companies too. As climate change becomes more and more threatening, there are some companies and corporations that have taken charge in making a difference. Their efforts have the strength to not only better the planet, but can also encourage other companies to do the same. Although all of the following companies are working towards the same goal of sustainability, each has their own unique way of doing it.

This widely known corporation has always taken part in morning coffees and creating the latest frappuccino trends. Many are not aware of their part in bettering the environment and cutting down on waste.  By 2020, Starbucks plans on eliminating all plastic straws and using greener cups. These efforts will more than likely reduce the negative impact on the environment. Their plan for the biodegradable cup won’t only affect their stores, but other companies around the world, The NextGen Cup Challenge plans on creating a global solution to end the epidemic cup waste issue. Starbucks has taken the lead on better waste management for the environment.

This college textbook company does a lot to stay environmentally friendly. Their entire company is about recycling and reusing used textbooks instead of throwing them away. Starting within the office, they only use recyclable decorations like cardboard light fixtures and use donated, repurposed school bleachers in common room spaces. Chegg’s green efforts expand outside the office as well. Their Chegg for Good program encourages employees to use their time volunteering for organizations they want to help every quarter.

Harmless Harvest
This company is all about being green and improving the environment. Their hard work and dedication prove that an ecosystem-based business can beat out the conventional model. Using completely raw and organic ingredients locally grown around the world to make better food and beverage products that are more sustainable. Their goal is to make a better relationship between plants and people by making agroforestry a social business. Harmless Harvest is innovative and has the power to change how we eat and drink to make the world a more environmentally-friendly place.

This fitness gear company has taken its efforts to go green very seriously. With a goal to make sure the gear they make does not cause harm to the planet and also helps the environment. Through their Worn Wear program, they make sure the gear they provide will last to stay away from landfill as long as possible. They also do repairs to keep customers from buying new stuff and accumulating waste. With recycled materials used in their clothing line, gear and other products, Patagonia has made working out a lot greener.